New Music -D Double E – Jackuum

It’s been a long time coming but the man known as the MC’s MC, D Double E has finally dropped his own Album.

Now 38, D Double E, aka Darren Dixon, has been a mainstay of the UK Grime scene for many years, inspiring the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Skepta to name just a few. He was a member of the early grime collective N.A.S.T.Y Crew before forming the Newham Generals together with Monkstar and Footsie. Still performing alongside Footsie, the Newham Generals have been tearing up radio stations, club nights and pretty much anything they touch since.

Yep, they’re going in HAARRDD!

D Double E’s first solo album shows his versatility as an artist. Notable tracks include featuring collabs such as “Better Than The Rest” featuring Wiley and “Nang” alongside Skepta, coupled with some Slowjams such as “Lyrical Hypnosis”.

One of the highlights for me on “Lyrical Hypnosis” is the lyric…

“Back in the day, Super Nintendo, that’s how my day would start, draw for the Mario Kart, wait for the race to start, always lost but I had bare heart, in the corner giving me drama, quickly dash the banana, send a man into the corner.”

That lyric sums up D Double E for me. His often witty lyrics paint such a real picture. Let’s face it if you’re around his age, then we’ve all been there…starting your day with some Mario Kart, quickly dash a banana and send a man into the corner!!! LOL!!!

His lyrics help define moments in time and particular eras, summed up brilliantly in his track “Back Then”.

“Shenanigans also drops a classic line…

“Dem man move Ian Beale, us man move like Grant and Phil.”

Overall the album is fire! D Double doing what he does best. It feels like he is developing himself as an artist and pushing his own boundaries. However, he doesn’t over complicate his lyrics, he almost makes you predict the ends of his lines, therefore making it sound instantly familiar. You warm to D Double E, even though his content is quite raw.

Whilst writing this, I came across this…

What a way to release the tracklist from the new album! Oh my Gosh!!

Without further ado, here is the link to the full album

D Doube E - Jackuum - Album Cover

Click here to listen

Buda bup bup!!!

For some more D Double E, check out this recent video recorded on the Logan Sama show on Rinse FM



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