Welcome back to REALEYES.

Since I started this blog, I wanted to report on stories and uncover things in their true form, just as you would see them in the “REAL” world. No camera tricks, no gimmicks, no alterior motives, just good ol’ fashioned reality! As I mentioned in my previous article Taking A Leap, that’s where I believe the real beauty and magic lies. The moments of pure inspiration that form amazing ideas, unadulterated by our society. The spectacular world that we see before us every day, untouched by Photoshop. The real stories that often go unnoticed in the world around us due to lack of political interest.

So with all that said, you may have noticed while walking around that London has some of the best and most diverse street art you can find. I wanted to showcase some of the finest examples of Street Art that I have come across in London. Some may hate it, some may love it (like me!), but it is part of our every day lives so we must form an opinion on it one way or another. I, myself appreciate the complexity, difficulty, and imagination of it all and I think it not only brightens up our sometimes drab cities but also has the power to make us think and reflect on wider issues. It sometimes also just makes us laugh at the sheer cheek of it. Whatever your opinion on it…here are some great examples of London Street Art.

If you have any examples of Street Art, either in London or anywhere else, why not get in touch with me and I can get your examples featured here.


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One thought on “Street Art – London

  1. Totally love it! I really appreciate your eye for detail in enlightening us about what daily reality is about and how we can educate us again in recognizing the beauty of the small things of life. Keep going with your blog. Much Love


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