DJ EZ – OS V2 (Old Skool Version Two)

Since the sun is out and summer finally feels like it is here (albeit with some heavy showers to mix it up a bit!), I thought it would only be right to take you back to the good ol’ days with some classic Old Skool Garage mixed by none other than the legendary DJ EZ. With this mix, EZ has decided to go back to mixing with vinyl records which, as he puts it himself, allows him to “focus more on the music and mixing” as opposed to his technical style. Expect some crackles and pops!

DJ EZ is definitely in his element with mixes like this. The work that this man has put into his trade to perfect it to a point where he has become the music rather than known for playing it is amazing.

Quick crazy story that I read about EZ from his own website biography…As a young DJ before he had decks, he used to mix form tape deck to tape deck where he discovered a way of slowing down the pitch on the tape player by lightly pushing on part of the inner workings, in particular, the pinch roller. After only a few tries, EZ became very good at locking two songs together, and making longer mixes achievable. Impressive!

Anyway…so sit back, relax and let DJ EZ do his thing!


Click Here to Listen

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