Have you ever come across the saying ‘Take a leap, and the net will appear?’ Well, I hadn’t until a few weeks ago but here I am, writing my first blog…EVER!
I know it’s a bit late to be joining the party, but as long as there is music playing, I guess I can still have a dance!
So…why start writing a blog? My initial thought is why not. In fact there are many reasons why I should start writing a blog. To name a few…I have a lot to say (strange as that may seem for those that know me), and I would like to think that there are people out there that want to listen. I know that when I do write, I have a way with words that really has an affect on people. My years as an MC/lyricist has helped me to develop this. I have been through a lot of difficult times and when I have sat down to try and express what I am feeling, I have been able to do so by writing.

Check out a track that I wrote a few years ago: Fall Into The Sky

I think that writing a blog/magazine can be a way of unclogging my mind which is always full of thought and the next ‘great idea’. Hopefully now I can finally put them into black and white and start ‘REALEYES’ing my ideas.
I also want to change people’s ideas about the world with the subjects and stories that I write about and invite people to do the same.
I don’t mean that by writing this blog, I will aim to achieve world peace by lunchtime next Tuesday, but simply just to open up your eyes and ears to a different point of view. In the end you will make up your mind anyway if you want to continue reading….

However, for me, the two main reasons why I am starting this blog can be described in the following way:

  • The loss of faith in the world we live in
  • The gain of faith in the universe we live in

“What’s he on about?”, I hear you ask…don’t worry, I’m going to explain.

The loss of faith in the world we live in

Have you ever stopped to really consider the world that we experience as reality? I’m talking about the news that we read in newspapers…the images that we see in magazines…the TV that we watch to escape our lives…the music that we hear on the radio. Ask yourself the question…How real is it all?

Well let’s start with newspapers…do they report news non-subjectively and impartially, giving you the news as it really is…errrrm no! How many times have we heard the words “Muslim Terrorist” put together in a sentence when describing an act of terrorism. Do we need to be told someone’s religion when describing terrorism or should we be informed purely about the act of terrorism itself. We don’t describe Gary Glitter as being a ‘white’, or ‘Christian’ person when describing his sad story, he’s just referred to as Gary Glitter. Newspapers are heavily influenced by political views and as such, report on news the way they want you to hear it. In other words a subjective version of the truth.
Let’s also talk about the barrage of images we see every day in magazines, websites, advertisements etc. Are these images a true depiction of reality?…again I would have to say no. I can’t imagine there are many images these days that make it into the public domain without having some ‘retouching’ done to them. How many women’s bodies have been photoshopped to make their waist look a bit slimmer or their boobs look a bit bigger.

Mariah Carey before and after photoshop
The perfect body is a “photoshopped’ one!

We are constantly shown idealistic images of people that we believe to be true…and why?? So that we eventually want to look like the idealistic ‘photoshopped’ version of someone and spend our hard earned money in the hope that we can somehow achieve this. However this reality only exists in a computer and so can never be achieved, so in turn, we will never stop spending money to achieve the unachievable.

A great example of this was when Justin Beiber recently modelled for Calvin Klein. Did you see the before and after ‘photoshopped’ images? What a difference a few clicks on a mouse can make. He instantly went from being a little boy to being a man (ish)….This is the reality that we get fed and we tend to Beleib in it!

Justin Beiber before and after photoshop
Distorted reality of photoshop

Moving on…don’t even get me started on TV! Let’s talk about The X Factor…what a joke! Someone I know once auditioned for The X Factor and thought that going to the audition they would be greeted by Simon and the rest of the judges and have to perform on stage. However when they got there, they were met by Tom, Dick and Harry (random people) who’s job it was to screen for the good, the bad and the ugly to put in front of a camera. What we see at home as the auditions has already been hand picked for entertainment purposes. None of it is real so we actually lose the initial concept of the show which is to find unsigned talent.
I feel the same goes for music these days. How much of what we hear on the radio is true musical talent and how much has been auto tuned to sound acceptable to your ears? What sort of messages are we being fed through song lyrics? These days it’s mostly to ‘live your day like it’s the last’, to ‘party till you drop’, to ‘spend all your money’ to ‘boast about how much money you have’ or to ‘talk about how many bitches you have’. I think I just summarised the top 40 songs in one sentence there! Is that reality? Is that what you are going through day in, day out? Where are the lyrics about real life issues?

This glossy, sugar-coating that seems to be smeared over everything we consume these days, naturally papers over the cracks of reality, but I feel that these cracks are what makes us interesting and unique in the first place. Why try to ignore that?

Unfortunately, money plays a huge role in this process. With the temptating ‘carrot’ of money dangling in front of our noses, we tend to be willing to dilute our reality with material gains so that we can reap what we feel we deserve.
To explain this further, everything we create starts with an idea. This idea will always have a purpose or intention as the reason for the idea. In the world we currently live in, money often re-shapes our ideas and we sometimes lose sight of what our initial intentions were in the first place. A simple example of this would be if someone were to start up a business. Let’s say that this business idea came from a passion for baking cakes. The intention behind their idea would be to share their love of cakes with people and offer them the chance to taste their cakes with the skills they have learnt as a baker. They decide to start an online business, selling their cakes and sharing information. Their online business really starts to take off because of the quality of the product and they get a lot of site traffic as a result. The amount of people visiting their site alerts some advertisers to it and they soon get approached to advertise some products on their site. Let’s say this company approaching them for advertising wants to advertise fast food products or even maybe some designer clothes and they are willing to pay a tidy sum in order to do this. The person is swayed by the thought of money and agrees to advertise these products on their page. These adverts have nothing to do with their initial intentions but yet still form a big part of their business presence. Slowly but surely the idea of profit starts to take over from their intentions and they start to give less attention to the quality of their product and focus more on making money by maybe cutting production costs and so on. They come to a stage where the initial intention and creativity has been somewhat lost and is now replaced by a need to make money. I want to focus on that initial and very ‘real’ idea. That’s where the magic happens!

The gain of faith in the universe we live in

As I mentioned before, I hadn’t really understood what taking a leap of faith was all about up until a few weeks ago, but there comes a time when things start to make a bit more sense and you have to just start to trust in the powers that be. Will this blog be the start of something for me?…who knows but that’s the exciting part. If you believe in something that you feel is worth pursuing then you can’t judge yourself for doing just that…pursuing it. I have seen a lot of people around me taking a leap to follow what they feel is right and for many it has paid off. It’s taken me a while to to trust in that concept but I am starting to understand what it means. From reading books and educating myself, I know that energy cannot be made, nor can it be lost. It can only be transferred from one form to another. That means that if you put your energy into something then it has to be transferred into another form. How that decides to show itself is not always known but it will show itself. Once you can understand this concept then taking a leap is not so bad after all!
As I have briefly outlined in this blog, I feel quite strongly about the reality that we are currently being subjected to. I think we are losing sight of the things that really make us who we are. I want to start pursuing the amazing things that are very much real. With this blog I want to re-discover and celebrate our talents as they are, without any unnecessary distractions.

Going forward, I want to write about everything from music to fashion, film, politics, culture, art, technology, and everything else in between.
I did say to myself that I would have one major rule in doing so. That rule would be to take my own pictures and videos and not use any photoshop effects on them whatsoever. I want every image to be a ‘real’ image and a true representation of what’s out there. I would allow maybe a black and white image here and there but I think that’s merely for artistic purposes and not really distorting the image. So that’s what you can come to expect…real stories, real images, real life, and real people.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my introduction to this blog, I would like to invite anyone who relates to anything I have discussed to get involved with RealEyes. Share, like and recommend any way you can. I even hope this might inspire anyone else to write and contribute their ideas to RealEyes. If you have an idea/story you want to share or discuss then get in touch through this blog.  It’s what it’s all about….and who knows….maybe the net will start to appear.

6 thoughts on “Taking A Leap

  1. I truly commend you here in taking the momentous leap in being and living an authentic life, and making the commitment in listening to your voice – the voice of your soul. This takes courage and not many people are willing to take that leap, due to self-limiting beliefs and mainly deep-seated fears. By sharing your stories, you will undoubtedly not only educate people, but also you will inspire them to take a deeper look within themselves and therefore encourage them to become an active participation in this changing world. When somebody speaks from Truth, the Heart opens. Congratulations, dearest Satya, for taking the leap to speak up and out. I so much look forward and can’t wait reading your next blog article.

    Liked by 1 person

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